1. Whew. THAT WAS STEAMY. *fans self* You have seriously excellent pacing in this scene. Really hot build up. Love the emotion conveyed in Edward's closed eyes in the bottom left panel and those loose strands of highlighted hair. Only moments of unfortunate awkwardness are in the top right panel... there's something wonky about the design and head/neck structuring where you have him licking her ear--and the mouth is also awkward in that position... like, while the rest of your anatomy and expressions usually flow and look natural in your style, the mouth/tongue when he's licking her looks like plastic--artificial and forced. Winry's jaw and throat don't look right either, more or less because there is no structural indication of the underside of her jaw and her upper neck, which we would be in view in that upturned angle. Also, Winry's breasts are a bit awkward because, while full, they don't appear to have any gravity in the way he's holding them... here are two pages with some fantastic references on how to draw breasts more realistically and


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