1. Really hot to see how this scene pans out, great pacing here and buildup. Also, hot xD Warning: I'm gonna be a total nag about the whole hair/eyes thing, because I really REALLY like the quality of your overall work and I wanna encourage all facets of your work to match that quality of yours :-) That said, while the emotion in Edward's eye in the top right panel is great, since it's almost completely swallowed by his hair (yet awkwardly drawn over it), I just want to point out that you ARE able to draw Edward's hair from a quarter angle while revealing most of his eyes... Here's an example!

    1. Thank you so much fort all your suggestions (also in the comments I´m not replying you). The detail of draw his features/eyes hidden under his hair is a resource I use to do in the most of my drawings, it works nicely with black&white comics cause it doesn´t show such contrasts than with colored scenes, but as this is the first comic I do in full colors, it looks weird in some scenes (I agree with you). I´ll work in these aspects for future chapters and comics. ^^
      (Btw, srry for my gramar mistakes, my english isn´t perfect).


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