1. owo Alguien va a tener un infarto pronto... :3

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  3. Jaja, la poesia definitivamente no es lo de Ed y el embarazo realzo a Win. imposible que su esposito no lo note. Ya quiero ver su rostro en cuanto sepa la noticia, van a ser dos muy largas semanas.

  4. (Sorry about deleting the last post--I realized I'd goofed about a correction suggestion I made and this site doesn't let you edit comments! Winry's dialogue in the second panel is fine!)

    Ooooh, such a romantic setting! *grins* Oh, Ed, you've become quite the smooth talker, haven't you? Of course he would notice she's getting bustier; I have this headcanon where Ed becomes obsessed with Winry's breasts after the time she almost stripped in front of him in her room, so this fits right in! XD

    Now that I've seen the last panel, I think you wanted Ed to say "Give me a break." But this works, too! ^^


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