1. Aaand they get reunited! YAAAY! And... and, man, I know this is a stylistic decision, but I'm just gonna throw out there that it's super distracting and just, weird to see Edward's eye and eyebrow when they're supposed to be totally obscured by his hair...? I mean, it's just a struggle to look at and try to ignore. We could already see that he was smiling without seeing his eyes, so why not take the opportunity when Edward's hair is falling in his face to suggest his emotions through body language or flashes of his smile, or just let it be a mystery to the viewer in that moment, because concealment can be just as captivating and even engaging as showing us the character's eyes... I guess I get subtle shows of eyes that are obscured if the hair is just barely obscuring them? But when its the entire eye, it takes away from the credibility of the drawing, so to speak. Like if we MUST see his ENTIRE eye, then draw his bangs pushed back differently, etc. It's awkward as is...

    1. Well, originally it won´t include his eye under the hair bang, I was so undecided when I traced it, at the end I decided for this option. Thanks for the point too. :)


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